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The Carlson Law Firm : What is Drugged Driving?

Last updated 7 years ago

There was a point of time in American Culture where one could say, “How about one more (drink) for the road?” and it was perfectly acceptable.  Sometime within the past 25 years, the concept and danger of drinking and driving has become more well-known and the consequences of doing so have certainly become harsher along with more publicized thanks to teachers, law enforcement, and community awareness groups such as MADD

Another driving hazard that is perhaps talked about less is “Drugged Driving.”  The impairments caused by drugged driving are the same as drunk driving. Drugged driving impairs your motor skills, reaction time, and judgment.  Though it’s only been within the last 25 years that drunk driving has taken center stage, it is now time to focus on drugged driving as well.

According to an article by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), found that an estimated 10.5 million people aged 12 or older reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs.”  They also found that “Driving under the influence of an illicit drug or alcohol was associated with age. In 2009, an estimated 6.3 percent of youth aged 16 or 17 drove under the influence. This percentage steadily increased with age to reach a peak of 24.8 percent among young adults aged 21 to 25.” 

So what are the consequences of Drugged Driving?  Well, due to the lack in available testing, and the fact that drugs can linger in the body for weeks after being ingested, the laws are lagging behind in comparison to Drunk Driving Laws.  The Carlson Law Firm knows, “Forty-six states including Texas have implemented programs to train police officers as Drug Recognition Experts. Police officers learn to look for signs in a person's appearance and behavior that may indicate drug intoxication. If drug intoxication is suspected, a blood or urine sample can then be taken for confirmation.”

If you find yourself in a situation  involving drugged driving, drunk driving, or a car accident of any kind, contact The Carlson Law Firm. We have eleven offices in Texas, and we are skilled and aggressive when it comes to your defense.  A DWI or a DUI can result in stiff fines, lengthy license suspension, probation, and jail time, so waste no time.  Give us a call or send us an email for your free consultation. 


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